LW-Adler Weiner offers customized, high quality marketing research field services to a wide variety of clients ranging from automotive clinics and drive tests to an array of qualitative focus groups. Our excellent customer service and meticulous attention to detail has built our client loyalty, which spans internationally. With an innovative team intact, no project is too challenging. Our forward-thinking approach has built a sound reputation.  With a commitment to service and technology for over 20 years, LW-Adler Weiner, is one of Southern California's leading recruitment teams.

LW-Adler Weiner specializes in large-scale automotive clinics and drive tests. We work directly with clients, planning off site special research events throughout the country, with a staff in most major cities. 

LW-Adler Weiner has extensive experience coordinating and recruiting automotive focus groups, static clinics, as well and as drive tests. Our resumé of clients include most major automotive manufacturers. We have experience conducting projects that range from recruiting and coordinating automotive research and special events to conducting fleet studies at truck stops. Our company also has experience recruiting and coordinating fly in respondents both nationally and internationally. 

We recruit using R.L. Polk lists, client provided lists, subscription lists and from our own national database. 

LW-Adler Weiner has a clinic department that is dedicated to handling the clinic and drive test projects. We have built a sound clinic team over the years. Each key member (Supervisor/Check In/Check Out) has been with the company for over 6 years. We have interviewers who have been on staff for 10 years and longer (for more details on our field interviewers please see below). Our on site clinic staff is professional, well trained and consistent. We feel that this has been a great part of our success. We have staff who we have trained extensively for computerized check-in. This enables us to enter respondents into our program as they are recruited. We assign each participating respondent a number that is automatically tallied into our program so that we can provide the client on site with an actual/projected show rate whenever requested. The program tracks the numbers and affords us the opportunity to track the show rate. 

LW-Adler Weiner also works closely with suppliers who can provide on or off site data tabulation and convert the data into the electronic format of your choice. 

LW-Adler Weiner’s team has designed a drive route in Los Angeles that is used by several major automotive manufacturers for drive tests. 

Not only can we provide the services mentioned above in the Los Angeles area, but we have the capability to conduct this type of research anywhere in the country. We have a full-time staff member who is dedicated to strictly locating sites nationwide. This allows us to quickly respond to any questions you may have regarding a site anywhere in the United States. 

LW-Adler Weiner has a core team of field interviewers in the L.A. area. that we can call on for any project. Over the years we have developed a clinic team in most major cities. We do not hire a clinic staff member without putting them through a thorough screening and interviewing process. 

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