Adler Weiner Research implements innovative technology in all our facilities to provide our clients the most productive and high-quality research environment. We offer a variety of remote viewing technologies, a high-speed internet network, all-digital recording systems, and high-definition, wall-mounted televisions in each respondent room. By default, Adler Weiner designs our systems for one goal: security and data protection. By focusing on confidentiality and integrity, we have selected equipment, vendors and developed policies that work to meet that goal.


Our facilities offer complimentary emailed audio recordings of all sessions. Additionally, we offer video files on USB, DVD or we can securely email or upload them in your preferred format. With high-quality standard-definition cameras behind each mirror, our recording services allow for convenient files that are immediately available after the sessions are complete. We offer operated video services as well; we can find you the videographer to fit your project needs.


Want to step up the quality of the recording for presentation purposes? Each facility has a high definition recording system that can be available for your project bringing your video files up to a 1080p resolution with a sharper image and increased clarity.


Each of our facilities offer reliable complimentary high-speed internet on a dedicated client network. Connect wirelessly or hardwired for larger group testing configurations. Need to rent equipment for a usability set-up or viewing? We’ve got you covered whether it is for a single laptop for the backroom or tablets for 12 respondents around the table.


Video Streaming technology allows your clients to remotely view the focus groups securely and reliably from a connected device anywhere they might be. Adler-Weiner Research is proud partners with Focus Vision and we also offer a compatible in-house streaming service available in enhanced-HD or high-quality standard-definition.


We can arrange to have your transcripts completed within days or even hours from our trusted transcription partners. They flawlessly deliver fast and accurate speech to text solutions. With a range of service options there is a solution for every budget.


Adler-Weiner has partnered with Interactive Video for outstanding usability lab services. Whether it is PC- based webcam or eye-tracking interviews, or interactive testing products like smartphones or tablets, their on-site technicians and state of the art video and software equipment make us able to work with any usability scenario.


Simultaneous language translation equipment allows everyone to hear the same message at the same time, no matter what language they speak. We can provide single or dual channel audio, as well as quality local interpreters.